The prime objective of the IAAH is to study and research on the Asian Heritage with like minded scholars all over the world.

To achieve this objective, the IAAH will organize educational programmes, field works, conferences, publications and various other activities in Sri Lanka and elsewhere.



a) To study and conduct research on the cultural and natural heritage of Asia.

b) Dissemination of knowledge on Asian heritage

c) Mobilizing academics, policy makers, heritage managers, Guardians and owners of heritage properties and interested persons on Asian heritage into single coherent group

d) Conducting joint research projects

e) Supporting students and heritage protectors.

f) Making policies, ethics and codes of practices on heritage management.

g) To protect and promote professional rights and welfare needs of persons employed in Heritage related activities in Asia

h) Carry out any other activity which is necessary or conducive for attainment of the aforesaid objectives.


  • Member
  • Life Member
  • Student Member
  • Institutional Member

Sri Lankan Residents

  • 1000.00 SL Rupees annually 
  • 5000.00 SL Rupees once
  •  250.00 SL rupees once
  • 25000.00 SL Rupees once  

Non- Sri Lankan Residents

  • 10 US $  annually
  • 50 US $ once
  • 5 US $ once
  • 250 $ once

a). Being associated with similar minded persons for a common cause

b). Working together for a better understanding on Asian Heritage.

c). Exchange of knowledge with reputed scholars.

d). Participation in various activities organized by the Association

e). Availing publications of the Association at special rates

f). Attending conferences and seminars free of charge or at reduced registration fees

g). Any other privilege as decided by the Association